Health & Saftey

As a main contractor and Project Management Company we have an obligation to meet the requirements of current legislation on safety and health as a minimum standard of performance. Where Collins Construction and Project Management Ltd undertakes the role of Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) it has additional responsibilities for the management of safety during the Design Stage of a project. 
The Company recognises that work accidents and work related health problems cause suffering to the persons affected and possible financial loss to them and the Company. The Company and its employees have a common interest in minimising the possibility of accidents and ill effects on health.

The Company aims to continually improve its safety and health performance by taking a pro-active approach to the management of safety and health as an integral part of managing a successful business.

CCPM ensures that the applicable legal requirements are identified and adopted as our minimum acceptable performance standards.

CCPM expects our Employees must recognise that they have responsibilities for their own safety and health and that their activities can impact on the safety and health of others.

Download CCPM Capability Statement pdf_icon2

Download CCPM Safety Statement 2013 pdf_icon2


As part of the energy Performance of Buildings Directive, a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate will be required at the point of sale or rental of a building, or on completion of a new building. With this in mind it is very important whilst designing for a new building or refurbishment of an existing building that you take into consideration the rating your building will achieve once completed, this will protect your investment now and in the future.

As a registered contractor with Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland (SEAI) for the Home Energy Savings Scheme CCPM strives to build, refurbish and upgrade properties so they are more sustainable, we do this by encouraging our clients and designers at the early design stages to be more aware of the current technologies and materials on the market and incorporate these into the design, then once on site we use the best in energy efficient technologies and materials to produce sustainable buildings. This is a combined effort between the architect CCPM and the client so jointly we can produce a more energy efficient building thus reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your energy bills in the future.

CCPM also intends to play its part by continually seeking ways to prevent pollution and minimise the effects of its office and site based activities on the environment.

To implement this policy we will:

  • Adopt as principles the prevention of pollution and waste and the efficient use of materials and energy.
  • Keep abreast of relevant environmental legal requirements and emission standards and comply with them.
  • Review its activities and determine those, which could have a significant impact on the environment.
  • Expect its subcontractors to comply with our policies and meet environmental requirements.
  • Provide the necessary awareness and training to enable staff at all levels to understand and contribute to the implementation of the policy.